Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Good Crazy...

Hi blog,

I know I've neglected you the past several months. I've had so many food adventures too. I want to tell you about cold brew coffee, all the stuff I ate in Portland and Austin, the pitcher of watermelon agua fresca sitting in my fridge, and the possibility that I might start a jam company. But this is what my kitchen looks like right now:
Yep, that's my lunch plate chilling next to a bucket of drywall compound and some other constructiony stuff.  And that space between the countertop and stove is about 8 inches wide, so I've gotta squeeze through there while I'm working on the patch over the old basement opening. My new kitchen is in sight and I'm getting a little crazy.

I've decided that you have to be a good bit crazy to live in a house and remodel it yourself. You've gotta walk over major floor squeaks and by drywall flaws, because YOU HAVE TO FINISH THE STAIRCASE otherwise you can't get into the basement to do laundry unless you perform some sort of acrobatic act. You've got to be okay with checking your pots for drywall dust. And a normal Friday night might involve cruising Home Depot, returning home to install something on a ladder, while your dogs try to climb said ladder because it's thundering outside. Yep, totally crazy.