About Me

I'm Katelyn and I'm a little obsessed with food. Ok maybe a lot obsessed. I love making food at home because I have complete control over what goes into the dish. I leave overly complicated things like cakes with 40 layers to the experts. I also don't make a ton of Thai or Chinese food at home anymore because I can find great examples of both within a few minutes of my home. I love fresh baked goods, Biscoff spread, tender roasts, barbeque, champagne, and seasonal vegetables. I have a serious sweet tooth. I am a bit of a snob when it comes to beer, coffee, and chocolate.

I have traveled a bit and will try almost any food once. I don't like black liquorice (although I'm learning to like anise in some things), rice pudding, plain beets, fondant, and most organ meat (like stomach and tongue). I rarely eat fast food, but love to eat out at restaurants. I like spicy food a bit hotter than the average person, partially because my husband feels food is not hot enough unless he's crying and his mouth is on fire. I am a super taster. I also have an overdeveloped sense of smell and have been made fun of for sniffing everything.

I live in an apartment, so alas, no grilling for me.  I live in a house and love to barbeque! Because I used to sell and train people to sell home goods, I have a pretty extensive collection of cookware and kitchen gadgetry. I wish I had a garden on my deck, but so far have killed every plant I've touched. I have successfully grown lettuce and tomatoes!

I have two furry kids:

Zoe (the bigger, scruffier one) is 4 and a bit more mellow. She is fancy and will daintily sample food and will only eat strawberries if they're perfectly ripe. She occasionally goes on hunger strikes. Daisy (the smaller, weiner-shaped one) is maybe 2 years old and is essentially a stomach with legs. She picks up things and half way through eating assesses whether they are food or not.

This is a new blog and I welcome any and all feedback. Want to see me attempt croissants? Pick my brain about making vanilla extract? Debate whether chocolate muffins are actually cupcakes? Comment and I'll be sure to get back to you.